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Search, Download, And Edit Movies/Games/Music Covers Instantly

Do you want to download, edit, or print a movie cover? DVDPrint is a free portable software for Windows that lets you search, download, edit, and print any type of covers, all from within a simple-to-use interface.

Just select the cover style, search for the name, and click Find in the right-sidebar. You will then be presented with some covers that you can download instantly. Click front or back, which is given under every cover result and it will load the FreeCovers.co.uk website from where you can then download it straight to your desktop.

Note: The website FreeCovers.co.uk requires you to register before being able to download covers from them.

search movie covers

You can search various types of covers, such as, DVD movie, Blu-Ray movie, Music CD/DVD, PC Games, Playstation 2/3, Xbox/Xbox360, Wii, TV Series, and much more. Once the cover has been downloaded, click Open Image and load the cover. You can then add various image effects as shown in the screenshot below.

adding effects to cover

You can also add/edit the cover layout easily. You can choose the distance from each sides, the image height, label name, cover style, etc.

add edit cover layout

Overall, its a great tool for those looking to quickly search, add effects, edit layout, or print a cover. The total size of this tool is around 600Kb only and works on all versions of Windows. For more, check out Sublight, a tool for searching and downloading subtitles. Enjoy!

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    this is a good tool to edit movies and videos. How ever I would have been happy if you provide some documentation in pdf file format. actress photos