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Search For Flash Videos In Your IE, Firefox Or Any Other Internet Browser Cache

Whenever you watch a flash video online whether it is on YouTube or any other website, the video automatically downloads in your browser’s cache. It will download only if the video completes streaming online. If you want to watch the video again offline, you will have to access your browser’s cache to find the video that you watched online.

Accessing the cache of any browser is a very challenging task, this is where VideoCacheView comes in. It is a tool that searches your cache for all videos and displays them in a simple-to-use window. There are two versions of this tool available online, one is a stand alone executable file and the other one is an installer. I tested the former since it doesn’t need installation, is portable, and can be carried in a USB flash drive easily.

video cache view browser

You can easily extract the videos and save them for watching it anytime in the future. Before you extract the videos, you can also check them out by playing them first. The videos stored in your cache will depend on the amount of space you have assigned for the cache. If you want to increase the cache space so that all videos can be downloaded easily and none is left behind go to Tools and select Options. Now go to Advanced tab and select Network tab, under Offline storage enter the amount of space you would like to assign.

offline cache space firefox

As you can see from the screenshot above, I have assigned 500MB of space for the cache. Enjoy!

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