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Search, Identify And Resolve Broken Shortcuts

Over a period of time a lot of uninstalled applications can leave behind broken shortcuts in numerous directories. While some of these can be easily identified from the desktop, there are others which are difficult to identify as they are scattered across multiple folders.

Shortcuts Search And Replace is a portable application for searching and resolving broken shortcuts.  You can search for broken shortcuts by entering a target path or directory. It is similar to Broken Shortcut Fixer, with an additional feature which allows you to search and replace shortcuts from selected target paths.

To scan for broken shortcuts, select a path (e.g. C Drive) and click Search to locate broken shortcuts. Make sure you also click on the sub-directories option from the top toolbar (Folder and Magnifying Glass icon) to get a comprehensive scan of the selected system path.

Shortcut Search And Replace will display all broken links. You can either check and delete these or click resolve to try to re-link them to the appropriate software (if it is still installed). In case the software is not installed, the links will not be resolved and would be better off being deleted.

Broken Shortcuts

You can also search and replace shortcuts from specified paths or directories. Select a directory path and add a replacement shortcut. For example, you might be willing to replace the Filezilla shortcut (from a directory) with another applications shortcut. Once the output and replacement paths are selected, click search and replace from the top toolbar.

Shortcut Search And Replace

Once the search is complete and the shortcut is identified, click Replace to replace the shortcut in the selected path.


Shortcuts Search And Replace work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Shortcuts Search And Replace

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