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Search PC Files By Several Filters; Get Keyword & Phrase Highlighting

Nowadays, it is now common to see hard disks with over 1 terabyte of storage available, allowing us to store a huge amount of files on them. Though looking for a single file inside such a big pile can be quite tedious, if you have to do it manually. The search feature provided in Windows as well as third-party search tools allow us to look for files without having to go through each folder manually. More advanced search tools let you specify your search criteria and set different filters such for time and date (how old is the required file), size (how big is the file), extension (when looking for a particular file extension) and other similar parameters to narrow down the results and quickly locate the required file. However, whenever you search for a file, the system goes through all your files looking for your query, which can take quite a long time if your hard disk is loaded with a lot of data. Instant Document Search is a search tool focused entirely on local documents with keyword and phrase support, and it creates an index of only your file types and locations, allowing you to quickly get to whatever you are looking for. More on Instant Document Search after the jump.

The application uses a Search Zone concept; you can create a profile defining locations as well as file types to index, which makes the search process considerably faster since the entire hard disk is not indexed. When you run the app for the first time, you are required to create a new zone, with a name of your choice.

Instant Document Search New Zone

Once created, the zone configuration options pop up, allowing you to add folders to the zone for indexing and specifying file types. Currently, TXT, RTF, DOC, HTML, PDF, XLS, WPD, WRI, PPT, ODT and ODS files types are supported by the application.

Instant Document Search Properties

The Advanced tab of the zone properties dialog box lets you set parameters such as date range and size range, and choose indexing options. Only the files and folders matching these parameters will be indexed in this zone.

Instant Document Search Properties Advanced

You can create multiple Search Zones, each with different folders, file types and parameters, allowing you to narrow down your search results even before you start searching for a file. You can change the properties of a zone or update its index by selecting it from the Index Manager list and hitting the corresponding buttons. Click Perform Search to open the search utility.

Index Manager

You cab perform keyword as well as key-phrase searches. Just enter your query, select the zone you want to search in and click Go. The application will search for the keyword or phrase in its index and display the list of all possible matches in the main interface.

Instant Document Search

You have the option to enter further parameters for each query such as File Name and Folder, Date filter and File Size filter.

Search parameters

Instant Document Search works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Instant Document Search

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