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SeaTools: Run Full Scan On Seagate And Maxtor Hard Drives

SeaTools is developed by Seagate Tech., which is a powerful diagnostic utility featuring multiple types of tests and scans to measure out the disk drive health. The comprehensive testing mechanism will help you to find out complete disk condition along with offering some advanced options to fix issues in case of some bad test results. Primarily it is designed to examine physical media on Seagate and Maxtor hard drives yet you can scan non-Seagate drives and other removable media.

All the options and features are expanded on the main window. Once the application is launched, it will start detecting the disk drive type. Under Basic Tests menu, all the disk tests are listed which includes; SMART Check, Short Drive Self Test, Long Drive Self Test, Drive Information, Short & Long Generic, and Advanced Tests. Each test yields and analyzes different states of disk drives and takes relative time.


However, Advanced Tests can potentially harm your computer and data loss is also feared. Only go for this option when you know what you are doing. It mainly includes firmware downloading and hard-core disk formatting. Once you have selected the test, it will start scanning the drive and show the respective results. In case of bad sector or any potential risks are involved, it will notify you with the repair option by yielding a failure status.


Apart from a scanning and repairing, it also lets you use some basic Windows-build tools right from the interface some of which are; View boot drive properties, System Information, Disk Management, and Device Manager. Before conducting the tests you can take all the relevant information from these tools for referencing purpose. A detailed help guide is included in the installation package, make sure that you go through the steps to be on the safe side.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download SeaTools

Update: Oops! It turns out SeaTool has already been reviewed by Nakodari before.

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