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SecondKey: Correct Typos, Expand Acronyms & Auto-Capitalize Words Anywhere In Windows

While typing, it’s common to make mistakes. If you are typing with a lot of speed, you can miss a letter or hit a wrong key, which results in the wrong character being entered or omitted altogether. Programs such as Microsoft Word, Windows Live Writer etc, have built in auto correction feature that changes a word to its correct form, if entered with the wrong spellings. Smartphones also have this feature, mostly enabled by default, that they automatically correct the words entered with wrong spellings, saving you the trouble of erasing, and then writing the whole word again. If you search for a word on Google, and you don’t know its correct spellings, Google suggests to you the word with correct spellings. However, there are a lot of other applications, like the Windows Notepad, that do not come with the auto corrections. Today, we have an application for Windows that allows you to have autocorrect with almost all applications. SecondKey is a tool that automatically corrects typos, capitalizes words and expands text, all according to user preferences. It lets you enable and disable the features on offer using hotkeys and sports a built-in typing test to analyze your words per minute and mistakes.

In 2011, Usman covered an application named PhraseExpress, which is an all-in-one text expansion tool. In comparison, SecondKey has fewer options, but at the same time, it is easier to use. After installation, a tutorial takes you through the whole process of using the application, including how to add words to autocorrect, text expansion and capitalization dialog boxes. You are required to enter your Name, Email address and Designation/ Organization.


The application is accessible from the system tray, and the menu can be expanded by clicking the green arrows on the right side. The status window shows the corrections performed by the application, the total number of corrections available and the User Level.

SecondKey - System Tray

Words can be easily added to different lists by accessing their dialog boxes from the system tray menu. Pressing F1 will display Help for the window, while the down arrow will open the list of words already present in the database.

SecondKey - myShortForm

There is also a Typing Test included in the software that lets you check your words and keystrokes per minute, highlights the words that you typed wrong and generates a report at the end of each 60 second session listing all your stats.

Collection - Typing Test

SecondKey works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download SecondKey


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