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Secure Files And Information Exchanges Within Your Group

Data managers supporting staunch encryption are available in great numbers, however, most of them are designed for individual purposes offering limited set of features for securing personnel files and folders. Sensitive Data Manager is to some extent different from contemporary encryption-based data managers, it is created for a group of people working in a team, so they can encrypt messages and files to others in order to meet set targets. It allows both strong encryption and decryption of file whilst offering a slew of options to organize project files with convenience. The nice part is that it offers an easy way to exchange encrypted data among chosen team members.

According to the developer behind this app, it was primarily written to protect group’s collective data from unauthorized users. Compounded with encryption to protect data, it comes with features like, intelligent file hiding, compression, and file shredding (to prevent data recovery). It also brings operation auditing, file identification and verification to check the integrity of files in question.  For the very first time usage, you need to enter login details along with safety level (low to high). Once logged into the application, you can start managing previously created task folders or create a new directory to put all the project files inside.

sdm n1

Encryption can be done in two simple ways, either you can encrypt your private file or encrypt messages to other team member for ensuring secrecy. The encrypted file will be disguised with its native file format – plsdm. As long as you are logged in, encryption and decryption can be done with a single click.

encrypted 4

User credentials can be managed from Settings –> Users. You can add, delete and change the passwords of users. It logs all the exchanges in History manager, where you can see information exchanged within different timeframes, for instances, within 1 week, 1 month, 3-6 months and so on. File Safe is also available to list down all the files shared in defined time.

Considering the features it bring to help building a secure system for exchanging files among group, we consider SDM a worth trying application. It works on Windows XP/Vista/7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

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