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Secure Folders With Bluetooth, Remove Duplicates & Rarely Used Files With PC Manager

Is your PC running out of memory? Time to get rid of some duplicate files that you’ve been pilling up for a while. Applications that get rid of duplicate files like Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, DeDupler, BitFinder and DoubleKiller are sure to be handy, but recently I came across PC Manager and found that it does a lot more than simply trashing clones. PC Manager is a Java-based application that not only lets you find and remove duplicate files, but also offers tools like rarely used files remover, files securer via Bluetooth, and password generator.

The simple interface of PC Manager contains all the aforementioned features laid out at the front. You can select the required tool and make use of it in its own separate window, which pops up on clicking  any tool’s button. In addition, PC Manager lets you change the look of the UI from a bunch of available skins.

PC Manager

Duplicate File Remover is obviously the key feature of PC Manager, and it’s fairly effective in finding duplicate files. You can add the folder that requires scanning by selecting it from the directory pane to the left and clicking ‘Add’. The tool basically allows you to add multiple directories to search for duplicates. Next, hit the scan button to begin the scanning process. After completion, PC Manager displays the list of clones found. You can either delete all the duplicate items by clicking ‘Trash All Duplicates’, or manually mark the required items from the list to perform the pertaining action.

The application can also scan and compare two files in order to find similarities. This feature comes handy when you need to remove files having different names but same content, like documents, pictures, music etc. Duplicate File Remover compares file content while performing this action. The ‘View Trash’ window helps you restore any accidentally deleted items.

PC Manager_Duplicate

The application also boasts a rarely used files remover option that basically allows you to get rid of files lying unused and eating up your disk space. This feature works in a similar fashion as removing duplicates, the only exception being it allows you to scan items according to the selected date.

The unique Bluetooth Security feature enables you to encrypt a user-specified folder with a password and a Bluetooth enabled device such as mobile, laptop etc. Before it gets any confusing, this feature adds an extra layer of protection to the folder by registering a Bluetooth device with it, so whenever someone wants to access the contents of the encrypted folder, they also need to have the paired device with them along with the specified password. You can also refer to the usage documentation provided at the author’s page to dig deeper into it.

A weak password can seriously compromise your personal or sensitive information. Thankfully, the Password Generator that comes with PC Manager can get rid of this annoyance for you. You can generate strong passwords for your computer, email, social media, and any other accounts with a few simple clicks.

PC Manager_Password Generator

Coupled with a decent interface and powerful features, PC Manager is an excellent freeware app that can come handy in several scenarios. It requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in order to work. Testing was carried out on Windows 8 Pro.

Download PC Manager

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