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Secure Your Windows With WinSecurityGate

The best way to secure your computer is to block access to important parts of your system. Ofcourse blocking several system functions will restrict your access too, but how many times do you have to install drivers, access explorer process, modify hosts, and so on? You would probably not be doing them daily.

Some installers, programs, and files have build-in malware and some websites have backdoors which can infect your computer with viruses. These viruses/malware try to infect your computer by accessing the most frequent system functions, such as, accessing the explorer process and hacking your desktop, changing IE start page, installing corrupt drivers/services, and more. These functions are all listed in WinSecurityGate so that you can block their access.

This little utility allows you to block every important system function, such as, installation of drivers and services, access to explorer process, process_terminate function, starting of kernal-mode drivers, changing IE start and search page, modifying host, and more. Thus providing an extra layer of security and protecting your system from such viruses.


If you want to deactivate it then you will have to restart Windows, this is due to security reasons. It is a portable tool and can be used to secure every computer you use while on the go.

Download WinSecurityGate (Page translated from German to English)

It works on all versions of Windows including the latest Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. So, if firefox is hogging memory and the process won’t stop, I won’t be able to kill the process in Task Manager if this is running?

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