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Select & Remove A Color From A Photo And Add Transparency

If you’re familiar with the Photoshop tool, you might know what the Wand tool does and how you can use it to quickly clean up an image. The lasso tool might be more suited to this purpose but it cleaning is a process that also has to do with how dense the image is in terms of objects and how much time and patience you have to sit through the process. Transparent Image Converter is a free Windows app that makes the process considerably easier; it lets you select a color in the image and removes it completely from the image. You can choose the threshold level and resize the image if you want. If you have an image with a white background, you can use the app to erase it and reduce its size.

Install Transparent Image Converter; you can breeze through it since it doesn’t try to sneak in anything extra. Click ‘Select Image’ and then browse for the image you want to clean up. Once selected and visible in the viewing pane, mouse over it and select the color you want to delete. A color preview box at the bottom of the viewing pane shows which color the cursor is currently on. Click to select a color.

Transparent Image Converter 1

Adjust the threshold level and then click Preview to see how the image will look once the color has been removed. You can use the ‘clean’ image again and remove a second color from it by clicking the ‘Reconvert’ button. It will send the cleaned image to the viewing pane where you can then select another color to remove from it. To resize the image, select the Custom Size box and then enter new dimensions for the image. Click Save and you’re done.

Install Transparent Image Converter For Windows 

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