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LASTAR – Set Loudness Of Music, Reduce Noise, And Normalize Recorded Audio

Want to tweak with audio loudness and apply other normalization effects over your music collection? LASTAR is a batch audio processor which can boost and set loudness of audio tracks to required level while applying normalization across all of your music or recorded files. Furthermore, it can split long recorded sessions with a simple click. Along with setting loudness and gaining normalization, it can be used to eradicate noise among all specified music tracks to achieve better sound quality. Noise elimination comes handy for processing those audio files which were recorded through very sensitive microphones. LASTAR supports both widely used audio formats – MP3 and WAV, with all bitrates. It is capable of doing analysis of inserted audio files to set the most appropriate sound quality parameters for processing.

According to developer, it allows user to split and normalize digitized analog tapes and vinyl. You could perform dynamic reduction through it to listen to music or recordings in a noisy environment, big auditoriums, cars, etc. Since the quality of audio tracks can’t be compromised at any stage of processing, it is programmed to perform all the above actions over audio files without losing the sound quality.

To begin, launch the application and drop as many audio files as you want over the main interface. It will automatically detect the kind (genre) of music files in order to set the best processing parameters. Underneath, the pull-down menu, there are 3 Output levels which you can change to customize the quality parameters, including, Quiet, Compression, and Noise Level.


To split the recorded sessions into small chunks, enable Split in option, and enter the number of resultant chunks with minutes. Once you’ve done setting up configurations, click Launch Processing to begin performing defined actions over all the inserted audio files.

lastar f2

The application processing time is directly proportional to the size of audio files. After the processing is finished, do verify the sound quality in your favorite audio player. LASTAR works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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