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Set Minimum Word Goals When You Write Short Stories Or Novels

My job involves writing but it’s also what I do when I want to relax and rarely do I have to worry about word count or if I’ve met a certain length in terms of words. Likewise, there isn’t a strict word quota that I have to fill when I’m writing at my leisure. For blog posts, WordPress has a great editor and for my own writing, MS Word does the trick. Writing tools are mostly aimed at professionals who need to create reports or at bloggers who need to connect to publishing platforms like WordPress. Rarely will you find a tool that is meant for people who are writing books. Write is just that; it features a productivity tool that lets you set a minimum word target that you need to meet when you sit down to write. It is equipped with writing modes; Article, Short story, Narrative, Book, etc with a suggested word count that is acceptable for that kind of writing. It comes with support for headings, complete text formatting features, spell check, and the ability to Google words, look something up on Wikipedia, as well as a thesaurus.

Install Write and launch the app. By default, it launches in the Article mode. The UI is very clean and you have glorious writing space available to you without any distractions. Click the little button at the bottom left where it says ‘Article and a menu pops up.

You get a break down of your productivity for the day and overall stats. Click the Words field or the Reading time field to set targets for what you’re writing that day, or everyday. When you revisit this menu at the end of the day, you can see if you met your target or not.


At the bottom row, are buttons for switching modes. There are modes for social media posts and even for email but the short story, narration, and book ones are what I love the most.


You can work on multiple projects at once in a single window because Write supports tabs.


To bring up the text editing tools, right-click any where. The menu is divided into five tabs; text formatting options, document formatting options, text color, the Google, Wikipedia, and Thesaurus look-up option, and language selection.

write_text Write_text_formatting

Write supports a nice full screen mode for writing as well. The best thing about the app is the novel approach it takes to productivity and it happens to be one that writers use often to measure progress i.e. words written in a day.

Download Write For Windows

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