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How To Set Tabs Aside In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

The Creators Update for Windows 10 is going to bring a lot of new features to the desktop. One rather exciting feature that’s coming to Windows 10 is the ‘Set tabs aside’ feature in Microsoft Edge. The feature essentially lets you unload and set aside tabs. You can recall them later any time you want. It’s akin, in part, to bookmarking a link, but is meant to help you save and continue browsing sessions. It’s pretty awesome; you are rarely going to have to worry about opening too many tabs ever again. If you’re researching something, you can keep adding the good links to the tabs you set aside and visit them later. Tabs that have been set aside persist even after you exit Edge. Here’s how you can set tabs aside in Microsoft Edge.

Open Edge and start browsing. When you have a a few tabs open that you want to set aside, click the window button with the arrow pointing left in the title bar. The button with the arrow sets aside all current tabs.

Once you set tabs aside, the second button, the one that looks like two stacked windows is filled out. It indicates tabs that have been set aside.

Click it to open a side panel with all your tabs. Each time you click the set tabs aside button, you create a new group of tabs set aside in this panel. There is, at present, no way to just set aside one tab. You have to set aside all tabs that are currently open.

To restore a tab, click its thumbnail in the panel. Alternatively, you can restore all tabs by clicking the ‘Restore tabs’ link next to a group of tabs that you have set aside.

The more button next to the ‘Restore tabs’ link has options for adding a group of tabs to your favorites and for sharing them.

The feature is pretty impressive though still rough around the edges. It needs tools for managing the tabs better and of course, the ability to set aside just one tab from the ones that are open.

This feature is currently available on the Windows Insider Build 15007. Users on the stable release  channel will have to wait until March 2017 to get it.

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