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Share Clipboard, Screenshots, And Code Snippets With ClipUpload

Looking for a simple and quick way to share clipboard data with friends? Try ClipUpload that offers a fast way of sharing screenshots and text files. It supports two widely used online services imgur and Pastebin for sharing uploaded images and text/code  respectively. It is developed to work from Windows system tray, allowing you to upload image and text in Windows clipboard to supported services. After the uploading process finishes, it will copy the generated link to Windows clipboard in order to share the link with others. Compared with previously covered screenshot sharing tools, such as, Ybex Clipborad, ScreenCatch, and NoCaps, it differs in a way that it allows uploading multiple images and text snippets in one go. According to the developer, on copying multiple files, it will upload all of them and generate shareable link for each file.

When it comes to uploading text-based files or selected text, it offers Pastebin supported formats in system tray menu, so you can easily upload and share plain text and code written in HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, and VB.Net programming languages.

Usage is straightforward. On launching the main executable file, it will sit in Windows system tray, indicating that screenshots and files can now be uploaded. If you need to share screenshot, click Drag Screenshot from the program’s system tray context menu to specify screen area to be captured.

pastebin 3

Once screen area is drawn, it will immediately start uploading the image to imgur.

clipupload 2

After the uploading process gets completed, it will notify you from system tray. Now all you need is to use Ctrl+V hotkey share the link.

upload 3

Text uploading is comparatively more intuitive. It doesn’t matter whether you are uploading selected text or text file, it recognizes the text inside the plain text file. Selecting None from Pastebin menu will upload the text in plain format, however, if you you need to share code snippet, select the code and choose the programming language option from its menu to start the process.

html 2

During testing, we didn’t find any bugs. ClipUpload has a fast UI and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download ClipUpload


  1. Been using this program since version 1.01 it have always been really great! I totally recommend you guys to use this! You’ll have your images/files/text up on the web in no time!

  2. I like this program a lot, I’m a frequent user of IRC and with CU I can show people print-screens within 5 seconds, no more messing around with paint and upload sites.

    Definitely part of my basic tool-kit now 🙂

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