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Share Clipboard With PCs Connected In LAN Using dTIE

dTIE is tiny network tool for small and medium size LAN environment which enables clients to share text and images (clipboard) with others in a snap. The application is developed to make sharing same content across all the client systems easier. In a server-client network environment, a centralized storage system and direct access to clients is available but this doesn’t let users quickly share their clipboard content with others. dTIE is quite different from other network content sharing tools. When you use Ctrl+Enter hotkey combination after copying text and image to Windows clipboard, it automatically starts sending the clipboard content to all DTIE configured and active clients on network.

Additionally, you can turn Receive option off to cease receiving content from other connected clients. dTIE sits on system tray, letting you view all connected PCs. dTIE configuration takes nothing more than installing it on all PCs which require sharing content with each other.

recive 2

Once installed, launch it from all PCs. For the first time, it takes some time identifying PCs where DTIE is installed. Once all PCs have been listed in system tray menu, you can start sending and receiving text and images with others. When the client PCs start receiving content from your PC, their system tray icon will start to blink which indicates that data is being received from one of the PC connected over network.

System tray 1

Just copy the text which is to be shared and either use Ctrl+Enter or Send from system tray menu send the selected content.


Similarly, one can share images with others connected over the same network. To see the content received from others,  select the client PC name to view sharing in separate window. dTIE is open source and available for both Windows and Linux.

Download dTIE

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