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Share Files On Your PC Using GMail

Sharing files from one pc to another is quite tricky. There are various 3rd party tools that allow you create a VPN connection between two computers so that you can share the files easily between them. But what if you want to share files with multiple friends frequently without having to create a VPN connection?

g2Peer is a nice tool for Windows that uses GMail in order to share files from one computer to another. In order to use this tool, it must be running on all computers and should be configured to work with a unique GMail address through Gmail IMAP or POP3. In other words, you and your friends will have to use GMail account for login and sharing files.

gmail configuration desktop

When done, go to Tools > Share and select the email of your friend with whom you want to share and the folder that you want to share. When your friend will simply have to type your Gmail address and will find all your shared files on the main window.

g2peer main screenshot

The screenshot above is taken from the developer’s website.


The full step-by-step procedure to set it up can be found here. The progress of each file transfer can be seen in the small window at the bottom. You can Stop/Resume the download anytime. It works on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download g2Peer

If you want to share files seamlessly between two computers using GMail, don’t forget to check out Gbridge. Enjoy!


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