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Share Large Files Quickly Online And From Desktop With Sendiod

The previously covered iSendr brought a great idea of making file sharing over the web seamless by offering peer to peer data transfer. Without saving data on any server, recipient can directly fetch the data without relying on the iSendr service response time and on any other factors. Recently two major changes have been made to iSendr, first, the name has been changed to Sendiod, and second, there is a freshly developed desktop app for transferring files and to manage both uploads and downloads. The application offers an overly simple way to upload and download files. It supports simple drag & drop behavior to start uploading collection of files. Once you’ve defined the files to transfer, a pop-up message will appear, showing the shareable link.

Editor’s Note: In this post we will review the Sendoid desktop app only. For online service, just click Choose files to share, select the files, and it will give you a sharable link. It is that simple!

The main interface (of the desktop app) is designed with minimal set of options. You need to drag the files which you want to share with others over the main interface. It will generate a shareable link with option to copy it to clipboard, so you can paste it in any app window. To download files, recipient can either open the link in web browser or paste the link in Claim Code input pane present at right side of window.

sendriod 12

It bundles each uploaded file collection in a group. You can check how many times peers have attempted to connect and total number of downloads by hitting View Details from right-click menu. Here, you can quickly find the source folder and remove from the collection.

sendiod 2

The default download location is Documents folder. However, application default settings can be changed from Preferences, where you can set download/upload transfer rate and change default download location.

Sendoid Preferences

It is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

Download Sendiod

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  • Jack H.

    *raises hand*

    Does it still have a hourly/daily transfer limitation like iSendr imposed later in the game? If they removed it, I’m all over this.