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SharpShot Is One-Stop Tool For All Your Basic Image Editing Needs

These days, image editing is done both professionally and for fun, and to cater to the needs of this diverse market, both free and paid application are available for people to choose from. The differentiating factors between these applications lie in the level of customization, methods of interaction with the image and the learning curve of the application. Even though Photoshop and Gimp are very useful applications for editing images, their main strength can also come off as a weakness when you only want to perform basic editing functions to an image. SharpShot is a multi-platform, portable application that allows you to easily edit images without any major complications that usually come with comprehensive image editing tools, such as Photoshop or Gimp.

Since it is a java-based application, you can run it directly without any installation. It allows you to edit many images at a time, keeping the progress on each image saved. The application lets you change different image settings, such as its brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, exposure etc. Other than that, you can also apply different effects to the image including blur, sharpen, convert to grey scale, motion blur etc. You can either select the whole image, or just a part of it, to apply effects. The interface has toolbars and menus at the top, image list in the left while the image appears in the center. To load an image into the application, click File menu and select Open File or Open Folder depending on your requirement.

Sharp Shot - CUsersPublicPicturesSample PicturesTulips_Version1__sharpshot_active_Version1

The toolbar at the top contains different selection tools. You can toggle between square and circular selection tools, and choose different preset aspect ratios, such as Free, Original, 4×3, 5×7, 16×9 etc. When you select a ratio, expanding or contracting the selection box will make it stretch with the ratios intact.

Sharp Shot - CUsersPublicPicturesSample PicturesTulips__sharpshot_active_V_2012-01-24_13-29-53

The application allows you to apply different effects to the images. Under the Effects menu, you have a list of tools for changing Brightness/Contrast, Intensity/Hue/Saturation, Colors, and add different effects, including Blur, Motion Blur, Sharpen, Despeckle and Convert image to Gray scale and Invert its pixel colors. The Brightness dialog allows you to change the Brightness, Exposure, Contrast and Midtones of an image, either by moving the slider, or entering values in digits. You are able to view the results of all the changes being made to the image in the Preview Pane.

Brightness Dialog

The HIS Dialog lets you increase and decrease the Saturation, Hue and Intensity of an image. For the Brightness Dialog, multiple methods for changing the values, as well as a preview are also provided.

Ihs Dialog

Other than allowing users to change these image values, the application has tools to resize, crop, rotate, add border, add watermark, fix red eye and apply effects according to edge detection. The Rotate Dialog enables you to rotate your image to the left or right to any angle.

Rotate Dialog

The Watermark Dialog lets you set custom text, change the text color, its font style, font size, X-Alignment and Y-Alignment from Left, Right, Center, Top and Bottom or apply custom alignment from (x, y) values. You have the option to add watermark to a single image or to the complete batch.

Watermark Dialog

SharpShot flawlessly performs all the functions that a basic image editor should, and everything is easy to understand and readily available in the interface. It has a memory footprint of around 128 MB, and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Download SharpShot

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