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ShellMenuNew: Remove Items From ‘New’ Menu Of Windows Explorer

NirSoft has done it again, ShellMenuNew is a dead-simple portable app which allows anyone to quickly change the items under ‘New’ sub-menu which can be found under right-click context menu in Windows Explorer.

You will find all items listed under ‘New’ sub-menu inside the main window. Select the item that you want to remove from the ‘New’ menu and hit Disable. Once you refresh the list, the disabled items will not be shown anymore, this is the only downside of the app I have found so far (It could probably be a bug).


It only allows users to disable a selected item and enable it back again, an option to add a new program to the ‘New’ menu is not included. Since this is the first version, expect the developer to add an option in the near future.

Having said that, I believe it could be useful for users who are looking to disable a few items to remove the clutter from ‘New’ sub-menu. An example of clutter-free ‘New’ sub-menu can be seen in the screenshot below.

New Menu Windows Explorer

Download ShellMenuNew

It works from Windows 2000 to all versions of Windows up to Windows 7.

Extra Note: Ofcourse you can remove the items from ‘New’ menu using Windows Registry but that would be suitable for Advanced Users only. The process of removing such items manually from Registry is both time consuming and confusing for many.


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