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Shoozla: Download & Embed Album Art Covers Into Songs With A Click

Gone are the days when you’d go to your local music store and buy a couple new CDs containing your favorite songs. Time has changed now as you can grab en entire album off the internet. Just like the cover arts of a physical album, its good to have an album art on your computer as well, both for aesthetics and ergonomics factors. If you are quite fond of album covers then you must know that there are a lot of application out there like Creevity and Cover Retriever that download album art for songs, but the problem is that they don’t embed the album art into the ID3v2 metadata container of music files. A an extremely handsome solution for this matter i came across is Shoozla, which is an open source music tag editing application that facilitates you to embed album covers in your music’s metadata. The application can download album art from Last.fm and Play.me, and embed it to your music files in one single process. You can view the music files with or without album art, in separate tabs. Keep reading for more details on Shoozla.

The interface of the application isn’t something special, to be honest, looks quite simple. It has Open Folder, Save and Search Covers buttons at the top, music folders appear in the left side, music files and their details appear in the right side and Show All MP3, Show Only MP3 Without A Cover, Show Only MP3 With A Cover and Select All and Clear buttons appear below the song list.

To start, click Open Folder and select your music folder. Then, from the left pane, double click your music folder to add the files on the right side. Click Select All to select all the music files in the list and click Search Covers to start searching for album art.

Shoozla interface

You will need a Last.fm or Play.me account to download album art from a service. Sign in to your Last.fm account in your web browser and allow Shoozla to access it.

Connect application – Last

Once access is allowed, the application will start searching for the album covers. When search is complete, click Apply.


Once album covers are applied, their status under Cover on the right side will turn into a green Tick mark. Click Save to embed the album art into all the music files.

Shoozla Save

Shoozla is available only for Mp3 files and works on Windows 7.

Download Shoozla

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    Just got me a copy of Parallels, will give this a shot. Thanks!