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Shoutcast Playlist Downloader Downloads Music Playlists By Genre

As the name implies, Shoutcast Playlist Downloader is a free music application that lets you download the up to-date-radio station playlists from SHOUTcast website.  It is capable of downloading multiple playlists of  specified genres in minutes. You won’t need to do hectic job of sorting multiple radio playlists; it smartly does so.

It is portable application, you can carry it anywhere without any hassle of installation involved. On first time usage, all you need is to click the Refresh button present at the lower part of the window to populate with genres list.

Select your favorite genres, MP3 or AAC+ format, and maximum & minimum bitrates. Once you’ve specified genres, hit Download .pls files button to begin saving playlists in specified location.  ‘C:/shoutcastradio’ is default location for playlists download, however,  you can specify any location by clicking Browse button.

As it is capable of creating local list of radio stations, you’ll be able to use them with XBOX media center (XBMC), MPlayer or WiiMC. To put in a net-shell, if you’re a music addict having fervor for many genres, give this application a shot.

It runs on all Windows based OS including the latest Windows 7. Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Shoutcast Playlist Downloader

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