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Sigil: Now With Data Loss Fixes And Multiple Linux OS Packages

Last year, we covered Sigil, which is a cross-platform e-book editor for editing books in ePub format. Since our review, this open source application has undergone major updates, and now has more dynamic features than its initial release. For instance, Sigil now supports a number of handy keyboard shortcuts, inline spell checking, and other useful features. Furthermore,  Sigil in now available for Linux as well, and provides a number of packages for various Linux distributions.

It is good to know that Sigil has fixed a number of bugs, especially related to data loss. The error dialog can be toggled to not appear altogether, which results in the respective error to be automatically fixed. The developer, however, has warned that users should use this with care, as the auto fix feature may result in a fix that the user may not desire. The majority of the data loss issues seem to have been resolved.

poe-purloined-letter.epub - Sigil

Sigil, now, also allows users to assign custom shortcuts. The introduction of the Preferences dialog has provided users with configurable keyboard shortcuts for a number of functions, including zoom (reset, in and out), validation results, validation ePub, user manual, undo, underline, table of contents, split view, split chapter, split at chapter markers and more. One of the major features that has been implemented in Sigil, is support for translations. Currently, translations are loaded based on the system locale, and there is no option to select a language via Preferences. However, the developer has mentioned that this may be provided in a future release.


While reliable or even basic ePub editors are hard to find, Sigil is definitely a gem for people looking for a feature-rich and multi-platform ePub editor. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux (including packages available for Ubuntu, ArchLinux, Slackware and Exherbo), and Mac OS X.

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