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Silverlight Image Slideshow

SharePoint Silverlight Slideshow is a webpart of Windows Sharepoint 2007 that displays photos from the SharePoint Picture Library. It is geared towards those developers who use the MS Sharepoint suit for web development.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is required before installing this webpart. Most developers use flash to display photos, but if you prefer silverlight technology then this webpart will help.

Note: This post is targeted towards Windows developers only.

sharepoint webpart

In the above screenshot taken from developer’s page you can see various transitions of photos. You will also find options to Play/Pause, Move to Next/Previous Photos, View in full-screen mode, and Save Image at the bottom.

It is totally customizable which means that all settings such as font, size, style, color, appearance, behavior, and more can be changed/modified.

Download SharePoint Silverlight Slideshow

It requires Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 which comes as a free download with Windows Server 2003 Sp1 and later. Enjoy!


  1. You can use pure java script web parts such as SPSlideShow to achieve the same task, this will save you the trouble of verifying you’ve got sliverlight installed everywhere.

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