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SilverX – Convert Flash(SWF) To Silverlight Format

Do you want to convert flash videos in SWF format to Silverlight? SilverlightX is a free little utility that allows developers to convert existing flash content to new format. It supports only flash(swf) format for conversion. Just select the swf file, choose the destination where you want to save silverlight, and hit Convert.

silverx convert flash silverlightAccording to the developer, it supports various flash features, such as, vector graphics, solid fills, dynamic texts, HTML texts, animations, shape morphing, and much more. This allows seamless and accurate conversion to silverlight. The developer has provided many useful scenarios, among them are, Export CorelDraw vector graphics to SWF file and then convert it to Silverlight XAML, Transform Flash cartoons/animations to Silverlight movies, and Transform Flash banners to ready to run Silverlight banners.

Download SilverX

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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