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ZBack Is Portable Backup And Sync Software

Portability and features combined with ease of use is what makes an app stand out from the rest. Every new backup tool we come across has a different design with a specific usage in mind. We have reviewed a bunch of backup and sync tools before, Dmailer, Todo Backup, Duplicati, 7Backup, Saft Backup, FileMyster, and Syncless, among many others.

Recently we came across ZBackup which provides nothing more than a straightforward interface and portability. No nagscreen, no ads, no referrals, and no installation. Just double-click the app and select to Backup, Mirror, Sync, or Restore.

Unlike other apps which are either too simple or too advanced to use, Zback is both. You will find three tabs on top; Simple Backup (for novice users), Manual Backup (for average users), and Batch Backup (for advanced users).

In Manual backup mode you will find more options and ability to filter files based on extension, size, date, and subdirectories. The backup scripts can be saved for routine backup.

ZbackZback manual backupBatch file Backup

Note that clicking any button from the Simple Backup tab does not execute it unless Execute button is not clicked.

The program itself is 200KB in size and works seamlessly from the USB drive. We tested it on Windows 7 32-bit OS and didn’t took more than 4MB of system memory. Works on all versions of Windows.

Download ZBackup

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