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SiteMonitor – Display And Log Website Status With Response Time

Back in March, we covered Growl Site Monitor, which notifies user via Growl (a system notification tool) about the status of any website. Site Monitor lacks this level of interactivity but offers a simple way to keep tab on websites status. It is a portable utility to monitor as many websites as you want whilst showing response time after specified interval.

You can check for response time and compare it with previous results to infer the overall performance. For the first time usage, add websites by filling out all the required information, which includes; friendly name, URL and HTML to match (to ensure the returned content is actual) address of the website.

site monitor1

You can add multiple websites to keep them under your observation. From toolbar, you can re-check the response time of any listed website, edit the website information, and check the last returned content. All these options are also available in right-click menu.

SiteMonitor Free

One noteworthy feature is maintaining logs of website statistics in CSV format. It logs time stamp with the response time along with status of the website.

logs folders

Application’s Preferences includes General settings, Failure options, Email & SMS configurations. From General, you can set Check interval and configure logs-specific settings. Under Failures, you can let it execute a program or file, when website fails X (specified) amount of times. Under Email & SMS tab, you can configure settings for email and SMS notifications.


A useful application to check response time of website and log it accordingly. Since it checks website after specified interval, it can also be used to alert when there is no response (website goes down). You can choose to either get notified via Email or SMS. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download SiteMonitor


  1. Looks nice, but unlimited monitoring hosts, visual graphs of monitoring and a SMS functionality in paid version (5€) only. The price seems quite reasonable, still would be nice to know the number of monitoring hosts in the free version.
    I will give it a try. 5€ is much for an unworthy application, but tiny for a good product.

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