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SiteVerify Displays Visited, Non-Visited And Dead Links In Website

Validating each anchor tag in your website is a cumbersome job, especially when you’re maintaining huge content over your blog or even on a simple static website. SiteVerify is a simple application to check anchor tags, which are referring internally to other pages/links of the websites. The main usage can be observed in an instance when you’d need to validate all the links and find out the dead ones.

This utility displays all the internal links including visited, not visited, and dead links as well. Usage is simple, on the main interface, just enter the URL address of the website for which you need to check links, specify Depth value, and click Go. It will start listing down all the internal links of the website. Blue colored links signifies that link is visited, black refers to non-visited and red color means that link is broken.


The list size is subjected to depth intensity. Navigate through the list thoroughly to look for broken links in your website. Another noteworthy feature is that, it supports exporting the list in TXT and CSV format. Under File menu, click Export, choose file format and specify output path.

It supports 8 depth levels, where 8 being the highest and 1 being the lowest level. If you’ve been managing one huge website then opting degree 8 depth level will validate links deeply but for small-scale website depth level 3 or 4 is sufficient.

The application runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on x86 system running Windows 7.

Download  SiteVerify

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