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SkyHistory Is Complete Chat History Manager For Skype

Even though Skype lets you save chat history for forever (from Options window), it doesn’t have a seamless IM chat history manager to specify limited number of contacts whose conversations are to be saved, filter the chats, and search through saved conversations according to date and time. If you’re looking to incorporate all such features in Skype, try out SkyHistory – a small tool which integrates with Skype Extra menu to provide you with separate GUI based chat manager. Whether you let Skype save conversations or not, it automatically saves chat history, preventing you from configuring IM chat settings from Options. Additionally, it can import all the previously saved chat history from Skype native chat manager and categorize all the chats with date and time stamps.

The application comes in SPARC file format, so you have to launch Skype prior to installing the Skype Extra component. Once launched, run SPARC file and complete the installation process. Once done, you will find it in Tools —>Extra menu.

sky history 2

On the toolbar, you have switches to turn navigation, filter and search bar on / off. The filter and search appears over status bar, letting you find specific keywords and chats history from the list respectively. Underneath Users in navigation bar, Calendar lines up all the chats in chronological order.

sky history 1

A click on Settings present at top right corner will reveal configuration window, where you have option to change background color, text color, and font family for incoming / outgoing messages along with contacts names, header, and time stamps.

options 2

The Security window allows specifying contacts whose chat history has to be recorded. By default, it saves Skype chat history in Skype AppData folder, however, you can change the location from Options window.

security 12

SkyHistory supports all Skype versions, including the latest Skype 5.3.

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