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Skype Multiple Accounts Login

Are you looking for a solution to login to multiple Skype accounts simultaneously? CalimSkypeLauncher allows users to sign in to multiple Skype accounts at the same time. With this application, you can open multiple Skype accounts for your professional and personal contacts and keep all of them running at the same time.

It is a portable application that can be launched instantly after download. The first step is to enter the username/password of all your Skype accounts. It supports multiple login of upto 3 Skype accounts. When done, providing this information, open CalimSkypeLauncher file to sign into multiple Skype accounts. You will be prompted when it successfully signs in to all your accounts.



A handy application for signing into multiple Skype accounts. You must have Skype 4.0 or later for this app to work.

Download CalimSkypeLauncher


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