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Sleep Preventer Disables Sleep, Hibernate, Dimmed Display & Screensaver

Many people prefer a Windows power plan which may ensure prolonged Laptop battery life. For this reason, a system is often set to hibernate or go into sleep mode, after a period of inactivity. However, keeping such a power plan can often be disruptive when your computer goes into any of the aforementioned modes before the completion of an important task. For example, it can be quite annoying when your system goes into hibernation due to apparent inactivity while a download or backup process is running. Sleep Preventer is a portable application which keeps the system awake and prevents it from going into to sleep mode or hibernation. It also prevents other features which may disrupt work, such as, dimming of display or activation of a screensaver. It has similar features to the formerly reviewed Mac application known as Caffeine.

To prevent sleep, hibernate, dimming of display or screensaver, launch Sleep Preventer and click Prevent Sleep. Once your task/work is complete, double click Sleep Preventer icon from system tray to open its main interface and click Preventing Sleep. You can also activate or deactivate the option from the system tray menu.

Sleep Preventer..

Sleep preventer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Sleep Preventer

If you would like to control your Windows power plan according to bandwidth threshold, have a look at Coffee.


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