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SliderDock Now Allows Customizing Rotation & Animation Quality


Back in 2009, we reviewed SliderDock, which is a stylish application launcher for accessing applications and websites by selecting them from a rotating ring (via the mouse wheel). What caught our eye back then was its unique UI, which provides a number of customization options for creating application/website shortcuts. Since our review, SliderDock has been updated with a host of new features and improvements. In this post, we will explore the new features of SliderDock.

Apart from bug fixes and some minor UI changes, SliderDock now provides control enhancements. Amongst all the improvements, the ability to control rotation and animation quality is the most significant. SliderDock has also been enhanced to support high resolution icons for docked items.


Now you can choose a number of shade effects for changing the look of your dock, including Monochrome, Pixelate and Pixelate plus Monochrome. It lets you turn off these effects by selecting the None option. The effects can be configured from Dock settings –> ShadeEffects tab.

Shade effects

Other changes are more usage-specific. Unlike previous versions, dropping an icon on another moves the dragged icon next to it (instead of switching the positions of the two icons). Furthermore, some additional options have been added to system tray menu such as  center to screen and bring to front options. The center screen option brings the dock to the center of the screen, whereas bring to front overlays the dock on the current window.

System tray

Other improvements include the option to drag and drop URLs from the browser address bar over SliderDock, using CTRL + mouse wheel hotkey to change rings, improved mouse and keyboard hook, the ability to create an icon from a URL and to reverse the mouse wheel rotation.

SliderDock works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download SliderDock


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