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SlimPDF Reader Is Simple Lightweight PDF Reader

SlimPDF Reader is being touted as the slimmest PDF reader, occupying just 1.4 MB of disk space. Owing to its small size, the application instantly opens even large-sized PDF files.

The application offers simple PDF file reading options, such as page resizing and printing. Use the Find option to search the PDF file for specific terms. After searching the term, you can click Find Next to view other search results.

Perhaps the most significant feature of this application is its ability to load large-sized PDF files instantly. However, it does not offer many features to generate a pleasant reading experience for readers. For instance, you can’t open two pages side by side. Hand tool for scrolling pages is also unavailable in this application.


With these limitations, this application falls short of more advanced tools, such as Nitro PDF Reader and Sumatra. Nitro PDF Reader is a powerful PDF reader, which allows you to read PDF files, convert documents to PDF files and even enables you to edit PDF files. Sumatra, which is another small-sized PDF file reader, offers features like bookmarking and improved page navigation.

It supports Windows 7 OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system.

Download SlimPDF Reader


  1. 1. Does this integrate with browsers to display PDFs within the browser window?
    2. Does it support Windows 7 and Vista preview pane?
    3. Does it support Outlook 2007,2010 attachment preview?

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