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Smart Analysis Of Windows Local Services For Malware, Rootkits & More

Windows default services and those started by other third party applications have Local System privileges. It enables them to perform operations of higher priority that cannot be executed by normal processes. Due to this, malware is sometimes able to keep itself running as services taking advantage of the higher privileges for controlling the target system. Advanced Windows Service Manager is an application for Windows that allows you to monitor and analyze your running Windows Services. The application offers some very good features which are not available in the default Services manager of Windows. Some of the features included are detection of Malicious/ Rootkit services, Automatic threat analysis, Service filter mechanism, Integrated online Virus/ Malware Scan, Color based threat representation and HTML/ XML based service reports. Keep reading to find out more about Advanced Windows Service Manager.

The application helps you in detecting the malicious services that can damage your system, by scanning hundreds of running services. It uses anti-rootkit techniques such as Bypass Hook Method for achieving smarter detection of hidden malicious/ rootkit services. The application provides users with a colored list allowing them to view services with varying threat levels in different colors. The threat level increases from white being normal to red being dangerous.

Advanced Windows Service Manager - www.SecurityXploded.com

The application lets the users show all services at one time, or select just a single group to have a more compact view of the services list.You can group the Services list according to different preset parameters, such as Show only running non-system services, Show only running core system services, Show all running services, Show all non-system services, Show all core system services and Show all services. To view the services related to a group, select one and click Refresh.

Advanced Windows Service Manager - www.SecurityXploded

Right-click an item from the list to view extended controls for managing the service. Using the right-click menu, you can stop the selected service, disable it for the time being, Scan it online using Virus Total scanning engine, Google Search or Process Library, Show its file location and View the file properties.

Advanced Windows Service Manager Right Click

Click the Export button at the bottom right corner to create an HTML report of the list of the selected services . You can save the HTML report for viewing it at a later time or sharing it with someone else.

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Advanced Windows Services Manager works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Advanced Windows Services Manager

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