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Securely Share Files With Specific Permissions & Recipients Using SmartRM

There are a lot of file sharing application available on the internet, but many of them don’t provide you with a lot of options when it comes to the amount of control you have over who can view the file. Using various services, you can share a file via email, social media, or a URL. Most of the times, anyone can view the files using their direct links, for instance, someone with access to an image URL can easily view it by pasting it in the browser. SmartRM is an file sharing service with an open-source application for Windows that allows you to overcome that problem and lets you share files only with people that you intend to. Other than directly sending the files using any online method (email, IM, social networks), you can also share it using a USB drive or even Dropbox. Once received, only people with proper permissions can access the file, that too only during a limited time frame specified by you.

When you run the application for the first time, you will need to register an account and link your device with the service (multiple devices can be linked to one account). Just enter the required details and click the Register button. In order to view the shared files, the recipients will also need the tool installed on their computer, which is the only major limitation of the app.

SmartRM Register

In order to select a file for sharing, click the system tray icon of SmartRM to open the drop zone and drag & drop the file.

SmartRM Drop

The permissions window allows you to choose the recipients and the sharing license type. Any recipients who don’t have an account will receive an email, allowing them to download the tool and register with the service to view the files. You can set the expiration time for the viewers’ license to a month, a year or unlimited, select custom starting and ending date and time, and specify if the file can be printed and read offline, and whether other people can ask for the license or not. After entering all this information, click the Create license button to finalize the process.

SmartRM Create License

Once the process is complete, a new file is created with the SmartRM icon; this file can be shared using any file sharing method such as email, USB drive, Dropbox, instant messaging apps etc. Other than dragging and dropping, you can also prepare files for SmartRM’s protected sharing through their context menu.

SmartRM Context Menu

You can view and manage file permissions using the SmartRM’s web app. It displays the files created by you, sent to you, and the requests for licenses by other people to view your files.

SmartRM Webapp

The web app contains the complete history of all your shared files, including how many times a file has been accessed and printed. and a complete log listing all actions made on the file.

SmartRM History

SmartRM works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP ,Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download SmartRM

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