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SmartSerialMail: Create And Send Out Upto 400 Personalized Newsletters

SmartSerialMail is a Windows application that lets you create and send newsletters to multiple recipients. The application lets you send out up to 400 personalized emails at a time, and address each customer personally with their name. It has the option to create backups and restore your mailing lists, which can also be imported and exported into XML, HTML and CSV file formats. The application detects invalid, empty and duplicate email addresses and lets you easily delete invalid entries. Before sending the newsletter, you can get a preview of mailing list. More to follow after the jump.

The application has a simple wizard, which takes you through the initial configuration process. First off, you will be required to set up a profile; enter your name, email address and click Next to begin the registration process.

Create new profile

Once setup is complete, you will see the main interface, which contains Profile, Recipients, Content, Preview, and Sending tabs. First, you need to configure Profile settings including From Address, Display Name, Reply Server and SMTP Server. You can also access Advanced Outgoing Server Options to manually configure mail server settings.

SmartSerialMail Freeware Edition Profile

The Recipients tab lets you create mailing lists. All you need to do is enter the Mail Address, First Name and Last Name of the each recipients. When the newsletter goes out, all the individuals will be addressed by their first and last names.

SmartSerialMail Freeware Edition Mailing List

From Content tab, you can edit the newsletter template. It allows you to change the text layout, insert placeholders view source code, insert images, create and edit tables and insert hyperlinks of the template. Once newsletter template is created, enter the subject of your newsletter and then click Preview tab to view your edited newsletter.

SmartSerialMail Freeware Edition Content

Clicking Send Mail tab begins the sending process. You can view Profile, Recipients (Unsent, Sent, Error, Blocked) and Content (Subject, Message Size) along with other information in main window. It allows you to Save, Delete, Start, Pause and Abort the process.

SmartSerialMail Freeware Edition Sending

SmartSerialMail is an extensive newsletter sending utility, but we have tried to cover all the important features and options. You can, nevertheless, check out complete features list on its product page. SmartSerialMail Free version doesn’t allow you to send email attachments, but if you want to send files with newsletters, you can easily upgrade to Small Business version and Enterprise Edition from within the application. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista ,  Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download SmartSerialMail

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