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Snackr Brings Full-Featured RSS Feeds Ticker On Desktop

Since latest happenings are brought forward by all News channels at the bottom of screen in a news ticker to let viewers know about updates quickly, you might want a tool which shows latest feeds in similar fashion. Snackr implements this very pattern for reading subscribed web content. To put in a nutshell, it’s a ticker that can be handled in numerous ways. The application is not necessarily meant to replace Google Reader, it is solely designed to keep RSS feeds at your fingertips. While you’re surfing through the web, working on your projects, or roaming around files and folders, just glance at its ticker to keep tab on latest happening without having to manually sift through the feeds.

The application is written using Adobe Air, allowing it to be used on any platform as long as you have Adobe runtime envionment installed. It is highly customizable in terms of setting ticker’s screen position, feeds selection, layout and so on.  After the installation, it resides over taskbar at the bottom of screen, prompting user to specify an option to import feeds list. You can start off with sample feed list, import from Google Reader, add feeds manually or alternatively choose an OPML file to populate the ticker.

snackr 1

Screen position can be changed by dragging the ticker at required side of the screen. On finding a good news article, just click the item to view the post. Optionally, you can click View Post to open source link in default browser.

snikr 2

Coming back to customizations if offer, you can refine feeds list, change Google Reader account, change Ticker opacity and speed, keep it always on top, filter feeds by days, and tweak with feeds picking criteria.

ticker preferences

The application arguably provides a very fast way for checking out latest news, but with so many useful features there comes some shortcomings as well. For instance, it is not a great manager of feeds, you have limited number of options to handle feeds list, secondly, memory usage is around 90 MB, so low-end PC owners would probably notice some hiccups. During testing, we found it to be working fine without showing any problems. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download Snackr


  1. Nice find! Although the 90 MB usage is quite steep. I recently discovered “Feed Notifier 2.3” which pops up new feeds near the system tray. It lacks feed management options but it only takes up 30 MB and has great real-time options and hardly any bloat. I have yet to find something better and this comes a bit close.

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