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SnapCrab: The Best Features From Screenshot Tools Shotty & Greenshot Combined Into One

Recently, we brought you a roundup of 5 best free screenshot capturing software that we had previously featured on AddictiveTips. Apart from screenshot taking utilities, we also compiled a list of 6 free photo sharing and screenshot taking tools. Today we found an awesome screenshot taking application called SnapCrab, which is worth adding to both aforementioned roundups. It hosts a huge array of features, screenshot taking modes, along with an option to capture Windows 7 Aero Glass effect. It is a screen capturing tool that combines best features from previously covered Greenshot and Shotty. When capturing a window, just like previously featured Shotty, it retains the Aero-Glass effect of Windows Vista and Windows 7 app windows. You can also configure the application to share the captured images on Facebook and Twitter or save them directly to Evernote. Keep reading to find out more about SnapCrab.

The application provides you with four basic image capturing modes: Capture Window, Capture Top Level Window, Capture Whole Desktop and Capture Selected Area. When you install the application, a toolbar appear on your desktop with buttons to activate the capturing modes, sharing the image on Facebook and Twitter or Saving it on Evernote. The Settings button button lets you specify options, such as Create a Transparent Background, Do not Process the Background, Fill the Background With Selected Color etc. You can also Select the background color and choose to include Window shadow as well as Mouse Cursor in the captured image.

Program Manager_2012-04-04_12-46-14

If you don’t want to use the toolbar for selecting screen capture mode, close it with the close button on its top-right corner. All of these options can also be accessed by right-clicking its system tray icon.


To capture a screenshot, select the mode and keep your cursor over the required object. A preview window will appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen with a countdown starting from 3 seconds. Once the countdown reaches zero, the screenshot will be automatically taken and saved in the specified folder.


The Details dialog box, accessible from the right-click context menu, allows you to configure the Output Folder, Image Format, Hotkeys, and settings related to your Social Network Account.


The only thing lacking in SnapCrab is a built-in image editor, but as far as its screenshot capturing functionality is concerned, it takes screenshots without any sort of lag. SnapCrab works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download SnapCrab

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