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Snippely Brings Notes And Code Organization Under One Window

If you’re in the habit of storing its and bits of text, quick notes, memos etc all over your hard-disk in small text files, with weird filenames like asdf.txt, abc.txt, note1, note2 and so on, this tool can certainly be a lifesaver for you. Snippely is a very basic open source text and code organizational tool that stores all your quick notes and texts in one place, categorized in groups for better management.

The best part about this tool is support for code ‘snippets’, where you can store pieces of coding in four programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, CSS and Ruby), and the software will actually highlight the code based on syntax depending on the language selected.


On the left side pane, you can create new groups for better organization of your snippets collection. A group can contain as many snippets as a user likes. Another nice thing about Snippely is that it automatically saves everything you enter to a local database, so there is no chance of accidental loss of data.

Snippely is an Adobe AIR application, hence it must be installed on your machine before you can use it. We tested this program on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Snippely

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