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Soluto Can Now Identify And Resolve Program Crashes

Finding application crash events from Windows logs is one of the most tedious task, as it’s often required to search through Windows Event Viewer and to find specific applications processes with data & time stamps in Windows ever growing log files. So what is the best way to view and analyze application crash reports? An ingeniously simple yet intuitive mechanism is provided by previously featured Soluto, which was formerly only a system boot time optimizer. Recently, Soluto has reached a significant milestone. The latest update offers a solution to not only view application crash reports but lets you analyze the program crashes and fix them easily.

Soluto has also been augmented with a capability to find pre and post Soluto installation program freezes and crashes. It can also suggest which browsers extensions can be safely removed from the system. It doesn’t matter how many browsers you are using, it lists down all of them with installed add-ons, letting you quickly disable them to reduce browser load time and to enhance overall browser usage.

Along with system boot time analysis, both Lighten Web Browser and Heal Crashes features are listed on the main interface. Soluto requires a reboot after installation to generate pre-Soluto program crash reports and to identify installed browser extensions. After reboot, it calculates total boot time your PC took and shows main interface to view program crash statistics.

main soluto

The Lighten Web Browser section shows all installed browsers. Select any browser to view all installed extensions. The Disable button is present right underneath each listed extension, which when clicked will disable the extension right away. The disabled add-ons stack is present at right side. A click on stack will reveal them, allowing you to quickly enable selected add-ons.

chrome soluto 6

The Heal Crash section shows extensive information regarding previously crashed applications whilst crash timeline plotted on graph exhibits number of crashes reported since last two months.

soluto 3

Hovering the mouse over an application which got crashed will reveal further details. It shows statistics of crashed application and suggests you solutions if available.


Furthermore, Soluto also replaces Windows default program crash view report that allows you to send report to Microsoft with its own crash handler. Soluto Crash Handler tries to find the possible solution for the crash and recommend workarounds to either identify the root cause or to resolve the problem(s) permanently.

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[via HowToGeek]

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