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Power Up Your Maths & Calculations With SpeedCrunch

Mathematics students and professionals will love this. For the power users out there, SpeedCrunch is a free, open source calculation software that can handle many complex calculations, assist in their execution, and bring a plethora of other features that can enhance mathematics skills and help carry out elaborate, long calculations with much ease. Keep reading to find out more.


The software’s primary interface is that of a basic scientific calculator, with basic trigonometric functions, variable calculations, exponential values, etc., present upfront. In this way it is a simple, basic calculator that is just more powerful than the regular OS calculator, in that is keeps a tab on results in a scrollable window.

However, when you dive deeper into the menus, it is here that brings out the true power of SpeedCrunch. You can save any session at any point and begin back from there, import or export data, copy/delete all, and much more.

Under the View menu, you can add more functionality by enabling features like Math Book, Variables, Constants, Functions and History, which open on the side as tabs and allow you to easily insert a certain type of expression where you just need to enter the values and hit Enter to carry out the calculation.


You may also switch to a full screen mode, disable/enable the keypad, hide the menu bar, or make status bar visible under the View menu.


The Settings menu allows you to alter the result format, change the angle unit between radians and degrees, change behavior settings, set the radix character and change the program’s language. SpeedCrunch supports 22 languages at present.

SC Settings

What I really liked about this program was that it doesn’t bother the user with any complex dialog boxes, check box and radio button selections; instead, everything is controlled through easy to comprehend drop-down menus with a simplistic interface. All-in-all, it is, hands down, the fastest way to calculate using the keyboard.

Complete feature set of the program includes:

  • History and results on a scrollable display
  • Up to 50 decimal precisions
  • Unlimited variable storage
  • Intelligent automatic completion
  • Fully usable from the keyboard
  • More than 50 built-in math functions
  • Optional virtual keypad to be used with a mouse
  • On-the-fly and selection calculation
  • Customizable appearance
  • Syntax highlighting and parentheses matching

It is a multi-platform application and can be used on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The application has a memory footprint of a little over 16MB and

Download SpeedCrunch

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