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Something is Ready Alerts You When CPU Intensive Application Stops

It can be often hard to determine which application may be resource intensive and when the CPU may be relieved of heavy load. For example, a browser open with a single tab may not consume a lot of resources, however, if there were to be say 12 tabs open, then the system resources, including the CPU will be under strain. This is because most of the main stream browsers now come with hardware acceleration. If you require running resource intensive applications and would like to monitor when such an application stops, then try Something is Ready (SIR). It is a portable app, which monitors the CPU load according to user-defined threshold and displays a system tray alert at the end of a resource intensive application. SIR has been developed by the same developer who previously brought us Boray POWer.

By default, SIR displays four presets for monitoring CPU load, these include 92, 88, 50 and 40 percent. You can select a preset or define a custom CPU usage level by entering the load limit (e.g. 65%) and clicking a preset (button) to assign the value to it. To get notifications, either select the “Before you start a task to” or “After you start a task” option. The former is meant to alert you when a CPU intensive application starts, whereas the latter displays an alert when a resource intensive task ends. The current CPU load is displayed on the main interface as well. Such parameters help keep an eye on the CPU load, so that one may be able to balance CPU load usage by adjusting application usage schedule. For example, you might want to start an encoding task after a virtualization application shuts down or an image rendering task completes.

SIR V1.1.1 Settings

When a CPU intensive task starts or ends, you are displayed with a message from the system tray “Something is ready” (SIR). Unfortunately, the message is not clear enough and one can get a bit confused regarding its relevance when using the application for the first time.

System Tray

System is Ready works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download System is Ready (SIR)

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  • Boray


    Thank you for your article about my program. However, I think you have misunderstood the use of the two “Calculate value” buttons. They just calculate a new threshold value based on if the current load is before you intend to start a heavy task or if the heavy task already is running. There is no start or stop buttons in this program (except for the “temporarily disable” checkbox.

    I also note that some of the text is missing from the buttons. Is this Windows 7 standard font sizes? Compare to the Vista picture on my web page.

    Kind Regards,
    Anders Persson