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Sophos Windows SEPT Prevents From Malicious Shortcuts And Protect Against Microsoft Vulnerability

Considering the fact that all Windows versions have serious security vulnerabilities and are highly prone to malicious programs, code snippets, patches and scripts. They all are potentially dangerous and can have destructive implications. Windows icon handler however improved a lot, but still has loop holes and lacks in verifying malicious shortcuts as threats. Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool addresses the very same problem by installing a new icon handler for Windows shortcuts to validate whether they are lethal for the system or not.

The best part is that, it doesn’t erupt any conflicts with existing anti-virus suites, you can make use of it while running your favorite anti-virus at back end. The installation is easy and wizard will guide you through the process. Apparently no exe files are installed, only a single DLL file and some other patches are bundled in the package to provide an efficient shortcut icon handling mechanism. Talking about the origin of such shortcuts, USB flash drives are the main culprits, they may contain malicious shortcuts with a DLL handler. Running a shortcut file causes deterioration of system processes and eventually a catastrophe may take place. With this application installed, it interrupts Windows standard icon handler and check for exploited code embedded into the shortcut, on finding one, it will immediately prompt user with an information which says potential exploit found in target shortcut file.

To find out more about this phenomena, watch the complete demonstration in this official video below.

The application is proved to be one brilliant icon handler especially when it comes to validate shortcut icons. If your system has infected with virus or malware by running such shortcut files in the past, install this icon handler for adding high-level protection to your system.

It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool

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  1. am getting my system as shortcuts… and if any excel file is opened it automatically closing…. even i reinstall MS-Office it works for a 3 minutes and then again automatically closes…. and also getting shortcut folders…even though many folders contain but showing as shortcut folder and the folder getting coloured some folders are getting dark green colour. and some are small folders like a small sentence… plz send the problem..

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