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Sort Files By Type With Sort My Files

Sort My File is a very straightforward portable application that brings an interesting idea of sorting files in a specified folder. If you are habitual of throwing files in multiple folders without considering a need to organize them in categories, thinking that it is a tiresome job, it is written just for you. The application offers a list of pre-defined categories such as, Music, Photos, Videos, Documents, Programs, Compressed and other files. You might be taking it as a variant of Windows 7 default option which sort out files in multiple groups (from Group by options), this application works on the same plane, but instead of creating groups for each type of files, it makes a respective sub-folder in main folder and put all the related files in each sub-folder. Like, all the MP3,OGG, etc., files will be moved to Music sub-folder, similarly all the images will be residing in Photos.

All the options to sort files in a folder are given on the main interface. To start, just specify a folder where you need to organize files. You can let it create sub directories or specify path yourself to move files belonging to different categories. Beneath these options, all the categories with their respective folder paths are listed. You can change the output folder of any category according to your liking. Also, you can enable/disable inclusion of category, like if you don’t want it to categorize compressed files, disable Compressed category option to exclude all the archives files from the sorting process.

sort my files1

Once done, click OK and verify the specified folder’s content. It will look more organized with all the files residing in their respective sub-folders.

sorting complete

You can watch the usage demonstration in the video below.

It supports all versions of Windows while the application was tested successfully on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Sort My Files

Another similar tool is Digital Janitor. Also have a look at Capacity.

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