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Tidy Up Your Music Collection With Mp3Archiver

Sorting out hundreds of cluttered music files in multiple directories can be a serious annoyance. I have personally seen users wasting countless hours of their life by creating directories manually and then moving the music files. What most users do not realize is that many of their mp3 and wma files contain ID3 tag which contains information of the music, such as, artist name and song name.

Mp3 Archiver is one tool to sort out all your cluttered music files. Making full use of ID3 tag, it organizes the music files in the new directory based on Artist name and then Album name. For example, it will move Animals.mp3 to Directory\Nickelback\All The Right Reasons\Animals.mp3.

From the main interface, select the folders that you want to sort and choose the destination folder where all music files will be archived after organizing them. You can choose to include subfolders, process only mp3 files, wma files, or both.

Mp3 Archiver

The music files can been seen organized in their respective directories in the screenshot below.

Music Archive

It is a portable tool that works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7. For more, we recommend checking out our previous posts on Removing Duplicate Mp3 Files and Compressing Mp3 Files.

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