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Define Multiple Sound Profiles In Windows For Different Times Of Day

We’ve covered apps that let you manage networks, and then we’ve also reviewed some that allow you to manage your daily tasks. But how about an app that could let you manage, or more precisely, automate your speaker’s volume? Speaker Admin is a Windows app that does exactly that, allowing its users to automate their volume level according to the time of the day. You can basically specify time slots during which you want the volume to stay at a certain level. You can also entirely shush it down at night by selecting the mute option. If you’re among those of us who usually leave their speakers at full volume but don’t want to hear complains from their family, roommates or neighbors regarding their distasteful music choice, Speark Admin can come very handy. Further details after the jump.

It should be noted that during installation, the setup process tries to install non-required software to your computer in addition to the actual app. Make sure you Decline the offer for these extra app installations when prompted.

Spearker Admin_Installation

The rather simple UI of the app may not drop your jaws, but it’s quite easily understandable at the same time. The application contains a total of five time adjusters to the left and allows you to toggle them on the fly. The time must be specified in 24-hour format. Next to each time period, you can specify the volume level for that time slot.

Configuring the volume level is pretty simple, but let me make it even simpler for you. You can basically choose from among three different parameters i.e lower than, greater than or exactly. Then you need to specify the actual volume level. So, for instance, should you want the volume to never exceed 10% from midnight till 6 o’ clock in the morning, simply select ‘Lower than’ from the drop-down menu and set the output to 10. In addition, you can turn down the volume completely for any time slot by marking the appropriate Muted check box.

Speaker Admin

Apart from playing with the volume settings, you can also configure some additional application-specific options. Marking ‘Only this application can alter system volume’ will forbid any other volume app from tinkering with the system volume level while the app is running. To keep any other users from messing with that, you can also hide the app’s system tray icon. This can be especially useful if you have children who just wouldn’t stop playing loud music while you sleep. You can bring the icon back by muting and unmuting sound a defined number of times. Lastly, the application lets you password-protect the specified settings as well.

Spearker Admin_Password

Although, its usage may seem limited, it can prove to be quite useful for those looking for a way to automate their computer’s volume output according to different time periods in a day. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Speaker Admin

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