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Popular Voice Assistant Speaktoit Comes To Windows 8 And RT

Already quite popular on Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms, Speaktoit Assistant – the Siri-like virtual assistant that aims to handle your everyday tasks – has now finally landed on Windows 8 / RT and I’ve got to admit, it’s fun, to say the least. In case you’re unfamiliar with the app, it allows you to employ voice and keyboard commands to perform various computer tasks in an intuitive and instantaneous way. The application has got all the features of its mobile counterparts including the ability to launch apps, check the latest news and weather, set your daily planner or simply get to know Sam (your virtual assistant) and have some casual chat with her.

The application looks quite simple on the surface. On the right, you get buttons for activating the mic or keyboard commands box, bring up the supported commands panel, and adjust the volume. Upon launch, Sam greets you in a rather witty manner, and the greeting messages are usually different whenever you launch the app. You can ask literally Sam anything, and she will have an answer for you.


The miniscule light bulb button pops up a list of supported commands to help you out if you feel lost. This panel works pretty much like a tutorial to get you acquainted with how Speaktoit works, and what type of tasks you can ask Sam to do for you. For instance, you can ask Sam to map a location, find something on Wikipedia (which it does in most cases anyway), tell you the current time, translate text from English to another language, perform a unit conversion – the list goes on.


If Sam has to find something on Google or any third-party source, a small browser window pops up within the application to show you the results. Sam lets you interact with it using both keyboard and voice commands.


From the application’s Settings Charm, you can toggle conversation mode, adjust microphone volume, and modify Sam’s avatar to your liking.


Speaking of avatar, there are a number of customization options at your disposal. You can completely personalize Sam’s look according to your preferences, ranging from gender, accessories, makeup, facial features, clothing, and even skin tone. After making your changes, simply hit the Done button.


Speaktoit Assistant is one of the best and most useful Windows 8/RT apps we’ve seen so far. The application is available on Windows Store and you can grab it for free using the link provided below.

Download Speaktoit Assistant

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  1. it’s like windows voice reconiction, it’s reconize only 1 sentance for 10 said XD
    may be it’s cause of my microphone

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