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Speed Up Visual Studio 2010 Build Time With VSSpeedster Parallel Mode

Are you working on some massive web or desktop application development project in Visual Studio 2010 and hate waiting forever to compile the app? You must have applied numerous workarounds to reduce the overall build time and to get smooth IDE response. One method is to launch build in MSBuild with parallel mode to make use of all the CPU cores for each project, which is also quite a hectic task. Keeping aside a plethora of parallel build related errors which, sometimes, occur while compiling the project, it’s also laborious to manually revert back to non-parallel build mode. VSSpeedster is a small yet extremely useful open source add-in for Visual Studio which claims to significantly reduce the overall project build time. It changes build related commands to trigger parallel build in order to reduce the time involved in building one huge project.

The add-in was developed to reduce build time for large scale projects, so you might not be able to notice build time difference with small scale projects. It integrates error log and total build time info to compare total time difference between non-parallel and VSSpeedster modified parallel build. All that is required is to unpack its content inside Documents/Visual Studio/AddIns folder. Once added, launch Visual Studio and from Tools menu, select Add-in Manager. Now enable VSSpeedster and click OK.

enable addin

Once enabled, you will see parallel lines-imaged button in Build toolbar. If toolbar is not enabled from View, you can access it from Build menu. It actually adds an Parallel mode toggle button to quickly switch Parallel build mode On/Off.

parallel mode enable 1

Now, you can build project with VSSpeedster customized Parallel mode enabled. We have tested a desktop app which takes around 10 seconds to build in the absence of this addin. But with VSSpeedster customized Parallel mode On, overall build time has now reduced to only 6 seconds.

Please keep in mind that it works only with Visual Studio 2010. Previous versions of Visual Studio are not supported.

Download VSSpeedster

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