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Speed Up Your PC By Disabling Unwanted Programs With Startup Delayer

Many a time a system slow down due to unwanted services and applications running in the backdrop which delay startup time and overall PC performance by consuming valuable system resources. Some of these applications and services can be shut down usingĀ Msconfig, nonetheless, some applications can be either hard to identify in the cluttered Msconfig window or simply do not show up in the Startup tab.

Startup Delayer allows you to identify and optimize system startup routine by configuring programs order at system startup and by stopping unwanted programs and/or services. This open source app provides the option to set high program priority for important programs and delay the startup of others. You can also disable the automatic startup of selected applications and use an interactive startup mode with options to skip startup programs according to your requirements.

The Startup Applications tab provides a display of the startup programs which are configured to launch at system startup, along with their current status (e.g. stopped). You can access application properties, disabled, delay, delete and launch a specific program from right-click context menu. All stopped applications are presented in blue color for easy identification.

Stop application

The same can be done for system tasks accessible from the Running Tasks tab. These features are somewhat similar to Soluto, which is an app more focused at decreasing boot time. Startup Delayer provides features to speed up system performance by disabling currently running tasks and keeping them disabled for good. You can also perform similar configurations for Windows services from the System Services tab.


Startup Delayer has both a paid and free version. The above mentioned features are present in the free version, whereas, the premium version (which costs $20) offers more in depth features like setting custom time delay for specific applications, associating user notes with startup applications, recovering deleted applications, drag/drop support and so on.

Startup Delayer is an easy to use application which serves as a good resources to get rid of unwanted applications, services and background processes. I’m sure most of us will love to get rid of the notorious Google Update process, which keeps getting re-animated, each time a Google application is installed.

Startup Delayer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Startup Delayer

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  • Bassman22

    “The Starup Applications tab provides a display of the startup programs…”

    Startup is missing a ‘t’.

    I’ll give the app a try. Thanks!

  • George Foreman

    I recommend checking out Winpatrol. Been using it for years, does this and a lot more. Program itself is less than 1 MB