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Spending Viewer: Track Expenses, Manage Monthly Budget & Multiple Accounts

Managing your personal finances these days is not exactly a walk in the park, as you find yourself all beat up trying to remember a transaction you may or may not have made yet. There’s simply too much to go around for us to keep track of, without either your bank doing the job for you, or you writing it all down. We have covered plenty of personal finance managers earlier, with Personal Finances Pro being the latest. However, as brilliant as the application is, it sets you back a hefty $19.74. This is where Spending Viewer comes in, with a plethora of features, all for free. Well, not entirely, as the free version lets you manage up to two accounts only. Purchase the app for $6, and you can track multiple accounts, as well as free lifetime upgrades.

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to start comparing this application with Personal Finances Pro, it’ll be a tad bit unfair. Spending Viewer may not boast the nicest UI, or fancy pie charts, but for an average PC user, it sports all the relevant features that allow you to keep track of, and view, your incomes and expenditures filtered by categories, payees, accounts and dates. Thus, you can pin point exactly where you’re financially gaining or leaking.

Start of by creating an account, from a bank account, cash account, credit account, loan account and, investment account.

Spending Viewer

Once an account is added, simply click it to open up a transactions page for the said account. This, is where you enter or delete the transactions that you have made or will make. Do note that the app will treat all transactions as expense on your behalf if you do not check the Income box while filling up the transaction form. Plenty of categories to choose from, so choose one, enter the amount and save.

You can also upload already saved transactions in .qif format as well.

Spending Viewer-2

Once you have some transactions in your account, hit the Reports tab on the top and you will see a window similar to the one below. Here you can view your financial health by various categories, such as time based, payees, budget etc.. Further more, you can also filter the reports as well if you wish.

Spending Viewer-3

You entire monthly budget report is well laid out, and you can view that by hitting the View By Budget link in Reports.

Spending Viewer-4

Below is a video courtesy of the developer, that walks you through the features of Spending Viewer.

Spending Viewer works on all versions of Windows XP. Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Spending Viewer for Windows

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  • cheever3k

    The categories aren’t customizable? I have to use the pre-set categories?

    • test

      they are customizable. just enter in the text to add a new category