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Split And Join/Merge A Large File With VY-Splitter

So you have a file that is 900MB large, how will you burn it(considering that there are two CDs to burn)? The best way would be to split the file in such a way that they fit on two disks and that you can later join it on another computer quickly. VY-Splitter is a dead-simple and straightforward app that does exactly that.

Note that this CD case is just an example, it can also come useful if you want to share a file with your friend online and the file hosting provider’s limit is less than the file that you want to share. In this case too you can split the file and share it turn by turn with you friend, also letting him know to use VY-Splitter to merge them again.

Just select the file that you want to split, the size in which you want to split, and hit Split. It operation will take some time depending on the size of the file and the size you have selected for each file.


There is no option to select the output destination, by default it will save the split files in the same folder where the original file(source) is located. Now copy these files to CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives or technically wherever you want. Since it is a portable tool, you should also copy VY-Splitter since it will be needed later to join them. Now go to Join tab, select the first split file and click Join.

vy splitter join merge files

Note: It will not join the file that has been split by some other tool. If you used this tool to split the file, then only this tool will be able to merge them back.

For testing purpose I split a 133MB video file into two pieces, one 100MB and other 33MB. I merged them back and the video didn’t have any glitches or problems whatsoever. The whole splitting and joining process was seamless and fast.

Download VY-Splitter

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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